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SF WEEKLY - Best Of The Bay 2006

"Drag shows can still feel punk as fuck in the right setting. A dive bar barely the size of a long bathroom line is an ideal space in which to crowd a bevy of bejeweled biddies as they strut the catwalk for your crumpled dollar bills. There's something wonderfully surreal about the aura at Aunt Charlie's, whether it's the eclectic parade of Hot Boxx Girls of all ages (and talent levels), the potent charm of the cheap drinks, or the sense that the place is a flytrap sticking a colorful cross-section of city life inside its hallowed walls. As well known as the events here may have become, they still make you feel like you're walking into a John Waters film."

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SF WEEKLY - Best Of The Bay 2005

"It might seem a peculiar complaint to lodge against San Francisco drag shows, but too many gender-bending experiences in this town are kind of uptight. We like our drag a little rough around the edges, with equal parts glam and grit, swank and smut. A sweaty Saturday evening in the "Hot Boxxx" at Aunt Charlie's is perfect for the adventurer who savors such combinations. The dank little Tenderloin spot is a warhorse of the city's drag scene -- it's worth paying for a round of cocktails to get the old-school regulars to share stories about the colorful history of the place -- and even though some high-class queens might look down their powdered noses at the joint, we like it just the way it is: rowdy, wild, and raunchy as all get-out."

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SF WEEKLY - Best Of The Bay 2004

Sure, "Trannyshack" gets the nod for the most inventive and outlandish drag revue in the Bay Area, if not the world; its reputation is well deserved. But the Hot Boxx Girls at Aunt Charlie's Lounge sashay under San Francisco's drag radar, the underdogs who get little attention, and that's a shame. The Girls' jaw-dropping, highly entertaining performance is akin to the classic burlesque drag shows of yesteryear -- only slightly bent and a bit rough around the edges. Led by Vicki "The Girl With the Liquid Spine" Marlane each Friday and Saturday night, the act is like watching Norma Desmond descend her staircase in the final scene of Sunset Blvd. or Mariah Carey plunge into madness on MTV's TRL: You can't help but stare, slack-jawed and proud, as these ladies perform in all their heart-rending, sequined, oversize-wigged glory. If "Trannyshack" delights in life's fabulousness, the Hot Boxx Girls savor the macabre.

Full Story - http://www.sfweekly.com/bestof/2004/award/best-underdog-drag-revue-28252/


133 Turk Street,
Between Taylor and Jones
San Francisco, CA

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Show every Friday & Saturday night from 10 - 12:30. $5 Cover, 21+. Aunt Charlie's Lounge

To make reservations call: 415-441-2922